TH Performance was established in 2012 after years of VW ownership including air-cooled bay windows and beetles.

When we took ownership of our first T5 we were amazed at the lack of power they produced so we teamed up with Pendle Performance and became agents for them.

TH Performance has grown from strength to strength with us being the first Pendle Performance agent to install a dyno, the first to own the more advanced MAHA MSR500 one too.

We believe that by focusing on the VAG group of vehicles we provide the very best service possible, we have never set out to be a we tune any car dot com business, we have left that for others to do.

We believe in value for money too, we are not the cheapest nor the most expensive, you get what you pay for and what we give you is far more than any other local tuning company will give you, we also show our work constantly on social media unlike many others around us.

We remain true to our original vision of providing quality over quantity making sure each vehicle leaves us perfectly tuned.

Done once done right first time every time.

Find us easily using what3words at https://w3w.co/feel.kinds.steer

You can also find us using google maps at https://g.page/THPerformance?share

Our post code is PO9 1JH for anything else you might want to try.