We are proud to be main agents for Pendle Performance.

Pendle Performance are a long established performance company that’s at cutting edge of the tuning industry. Pendle Performance supply us with fully bespoke Engine Management Control system (ECU) software that is tailored to each vehicle’s individual requirements.

We now only tune vehicles in the VAG group, we used to tune others however we found (and we are being honest here) if they develop a problem we couldn’t always fix them and we don’t own the equipment to be able to rectify them so we now only remap vehicles in the VAG group.

Some companies will remap anything, we won’t, we stick to what we best known for.

Working in partnership with Pendle Performance means we can optimise your vehicle to a high degree giving you the best performance possible.


We use genuine tools from the main tuning company equipment suppliers which enables us to read and write onto your vehicle’s engine control unit safely and securely. We gather your vehicle’s data (datelogging) and upload this information directly to the Pendle Performance server. Pendle Performance then process this data and create a bespoke tuned file that will be specific to your individual vehicle’s requirements based on how it performs when being datalogged taking into account any modifications you may have made.


We now also offer DSG remapping for the euro6 engine based vehicles.

We are only concentrating on newer (euro6) vehicles as we cannot take the risk of remapping a DSG gearbox that is up to 11 years old (as of May 2021) without knowing it’s condition and whether or not it has been serviced at any point in its lifetime.


This is normally carried out on our state of the art MAHA MSR500 2wd dyno however on the odd occasion where we cannot dyno your vehicle we carry out the datalogging on the road so we can gather the information we need to safely tune your vehicle.

MAHA is a world leading brand, the MSR500 is one of the most accurate if not the most accurate dyno available. Anyone can buy or lease a cheap dyno but these tend to be less accurate than a MAHA one for a reason.

We also have the largest powered cooling fan for miles around and another directional fan available to link up with the main one should we need it which keeps your vehicle cooler and safer when being run on our dyno.