Terms & Conditions

Vehicles remapped elsewhere and vehicles on our dyno:

We cannot be held responsible for poor quality remaps already on your vehicle or if your vehicle is not in perfect working order because things can go wrong and we cannot be held to blame if there is a problem caused by an existing remap. If your vehicle has been remapped elsewhere and it suffers mechanical failure when on our dyno we will not accept liability.

You should also be aware that a poor quality remap may have already caused damage so if we put it back to original and or remap it with Pendle Performance software and there is a mechanical failure we cannot be held to liable because the fault may have already been there before.

We appreciate that you may not have known about any pre-existing issues but sadly these days people don’t always tell us if their vehicle has been remapped before or it has underlying problems therefore the above applies to ALL vehicles.

If a vehicle cannot be remapped due to failing our initial testing (datalogging and dyno runs along with diagnostics) then you will need to rectify the fault or we can rectify the fault at your expense. We reserve the right not to issue refunds in these situations and if we do there is a 50% charge to cover our time and admin costs associated with remapping.

Cancellation charges:

All deposits are non-refundable. All pre-paid work will incur a £50 charge if the booking is cancelled. This is used for administration costs. There is no charge for rescheduled work.

The above terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.