T6 euro 6 102 bhp in for tuning

In this afternoon was a T6 euro 6 102 bhp van. The owner believed that it had been remapped before so as a safety precaution we will not dyno a T6 euro 6 85/102 bhp van unless it is returned to stock software. This is to protect the engine and turbo plus ourselves. This is due to many of these vans having been tuned using generic software that is widely available and known to cause damage due to the exhaust gases becoming way too high. We won’t risk your vans so we put this back to stock and updated the software to the latest available from VW. Once that wa done we did an initial dyno run and the van made 113.5 bhp and 267.5 nm of torque but once tuned using Pendle Performance software it made an awesome 158 bhp and 320nm of torque.