Another T6 euro 6 102 bhp van in for tuning

Yep, another one, a T6 euro 6 102 bhp van, you know, the ones that one large tuning company says cannot be remapped due to a weak turbo, er, yes they can if you know what you are doing. There is nothing wrong with the turbo’s on these vans at all, you just need somebody like Martin at Pendle who spends hundreds of hours on research to tune them.

This was no different to the hundreds of other 102 bhp vans we have tuned, none which have had turbo problems.

This came in with 116 bhp and 258 nm of torque but just a few hours later left with 167 bhp and 321 nm of super smooth torque.

Note the smoothness of the curves with the dyno recording the run from that sweet spot of around 1200 rpm through the complete rpm range. Perfect tuning on your pride and joys each and every time.